Becoming Online!

In 2009, 80% of Canadians used the internet for personal reasons

The online channel is the biggest and fastest growing channel in Canada. Everything in Canada is online. Organisations, private or government, focus a lot of resources on building their online presence – be it their website, advertising, or social media. Also, since labour is so expensive in Canada, companies look to online to be a low-cost option to service all their customer’s needs. Therefore almost all services and information is available online for you to access.

In my former country when I needed to find out information I did go online and try to research it. But I found out a lot of information ‘offline’ and depending on recommendations from family and friends. People (experts in the subject that I needed information on) were much more accessible. This is not the case in Canada, experts cost money and are available for a fee. Which is why I have had to get use to using the internet to search for information and to access services. Also, may services and products are available on the internet. You can do quite a lot of shopping very easily and quite cheaply on the internet. This saves you time and a lot of money.

I needed to develop the mindset that I need to help myself by finding out everything I need from the internet. And I was not use to this, which made it a little difficult in the begining. But now, it is part of everyday life.

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