Before you move

Got your visas and other paper work to move to Canada? Congratulations!

I understand that you may be feeling overwhelmed with all the things you think you need to do before you move. Let me assure you that they are all manageable. But before you start on your list, you (along with your spouse) need to answer an important question

Are you like water? (Or ready to become like water?)

I am not trying to be philosophical and I am not the next Confucius. I am simply trying to emphasize the need to be adaptable. Canada is a different country from where you come from.  Some things you may like, while others you may not. So you need to be ready to ACCEPT this change. Canada and the people here are no better or worse than the country you come from, they are just different. Be ready to accept these differences, and in time make them your own.

You don’t need to let go of your culture or values. But you do need to evolve, so that you can successfully adjust to the life here. You may also come face to face with many situations, where you will need to re-examine what you believe in and what you are used to. So get ready for CHANGE, and be prepared to handle NEW SITUATIONS. If you are not willing to accept change, you will get frustrated, and you will be unhappy and in constant conflict with things around you.

If you have decided to come to Canada, then come with the intention of staying. Settling in and having Canada feel like home will take 2-3 years, even if you have a job on the first day you arrive. Getting a good job that you are happy with can take 3-6 months. So don’t waste your money to come on a 2 months extended vacation from your job in your home country to see if it works – it won’t! Make your move to Canada like you are not going back. So,

  1. Resign from your job
  2. Sell your car
  3. Get rid of all the stuff you are not going to bring with you here
  4. Buy only a one way ticket
  5. … and anything else you can think of

“Burn your bridges”, i.e. make it very difficult for yourself to run back. Then you will have the commitment and put in the effort to make it in Canada. Otherwise at the first obstacle you hit in Canada, you will want to run back. It is not going to be an easy journey, especially in the beginning, but if you try hard you will be successful.

“I need a lot more time to plan my move” – Are you planning to come here for 15-20 days to just get your paperwork done and to see if you like it? The picture you get, whether positive or negative, when you come here for such a short period of time ‘like a tourist’ is incorrect. You will be doing yourself a disservice by going back and planning your final move over 1-2 years, just before your time limit runs out.  You are wasting precious time that you could use to settle in Canada. You can move within 6 months, so move immediately.

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