Arranging your accommodation

Arranging for your initial accommodation, so that you have a place to stay as soon as you land for the first couple of weeks

If you know someone that is close to you, you should try and put up with them for the week or two. When you first arrive in Canada, it is very comforting to stay with someone you know. The move to Canada does not seem all that scary and overwhelming.

If you don’t, then search for ‘short term rentals’. Short term rentals are given from 1 day onwards and are usually cheaper than hotels. So you can easily get a room in a large apartment or house for $250 per week. The amenities like washrooms and kitchens are shared between all the occupants.

Arranging for your permanent housing

This is best done once you arrive in Canada. You can try and look for housing before you come, but unless you know the city you are moving to really well, you will find it difficult to decide where to move. Even after you arrive, you will need to take the help of people that you may know to recommend where you should rent an apartment.

Also, renting an apartment is not easy to do when you are not in the country. You will need to sign a lease for 1 year and pay a deposit.

To sign a lease, you will need to show proof of funds. So make sure you have your funds available in a Canadian bank account before you move. The best way to do that is to open an account at a Canadian financial institution before you move and send the money via wire transfer (wire transfers are one of the cheapest ways to get your money to Canada).

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