Change your ‘Search Engine’ settings

If you want to look for information effectively in Canada, you need to change the location settings of your search engine. This is because, most search engines now have country specific sites, through which they display the most relevant searches for the person in that country.

For e.g. if your search engine is Google, and you are in India, the search engine would by default be Google India. And Google India will search for all information that is most probably for Indian audiences. To improve your searches and give you better results, change your search engine settings to Google Canada.

Also, when you change your settings to Canada, ads that are meant for Canadians will start getting displayed to you. These ads carry offers and discounts that you can use when you get here! In Canada, you can get offers and discounts on products from almost everyone if you bargain.

Newcomers to Canada are an attractive target for most Canadian companies. They have offers and discounts to help you save money!

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