Important things to do

1. Open your bank account before you move to Canada

You may be thinking of carrying your money by traveler’s cheques and cash. But I have analyzed that the safest and cheapest way to bring your money to Canada is by wire transfers. But to do this you will need to open a bank account in Canada before you arrive.

Opening a bank account before you arrive has other advantages – firstly, you can easily access your funds once you arrive. Secondly, you will be able to access other services since your banking is already set up.

2. Medical insurance

Ensure that you buy medical insurance for the first 90 days. The government health insurance does not get activated till 90 days after you have arrived. And being without insurance can cost you very dearly – a simple visit to the doctor costs more than $100, and a visit to the emergency room will cost more than $500.  Anything more serious, and you may just go bankrupt.

The insurance you need to get is an overseas travel insurance if you buy it from your home country. If you want to buy the medical insurance when you land in Canada, then companies here also offer this bridge insurance. Either way, you have to get the insurance policy.

3. Driving License

If you plan to drive, then make sure you get your driving license from your home country. This will help you get your driving license in Canada. If the license in not in English or French, you will need to have it translated and have the translation authenticated.

Also, get an experience certificate from your local licensing authority. This experience certificate will help you get your permanent license in Canada really fast. It will also help lower your insurance premiums which are high for newcomers to Canada. A letter from your motor insurance company on your claims history may also help you get better rates in Canada.

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