Creating a Cover Letter

When you apply for any job in Canada, it is common practice to have a cover letter accompany your resume. A cover letter affirms your interest to a company when you apply for the job. It also serves another purpose. In a cover letter you can speak about your soft skills that don’t get mentioned in your resume. And in the cover letter you can also talk about why you are enthusiastic about working for the company you are applying to. Companies like to hear this from potential candidates. They want to know that a potential candidate sees them as a company they would be happy to work for and not just a second choice.

You can also be a little creative in how you write your cover letter so that it catches the attention of a recruiter and hiring manager. But don’t try and be too creative. Keep it formal as it is an extension of your resume and needs to reflect your professionalism. I have given an example of a cover letter below, which you can change as needed:


<Your address line 1>

<Your address line 2>


<Full name with salutation of the person you are writing to if you know it, else leave blank>

<Name of company you are applying to>

<Address of the company you are applying to – line 1>

<Address of the company you are applying to – line 2>




Dear <First name of the person you are applying to if you know it, else Sir/Madam>:

Ref: <Title of the job you are applying to>

I am submitting my application for the <Title of the job you are applying to> position posted on <where you found the job posting>. As requested, I have enclosed my resume for your review.

I offer more than <#of years of experience> years experience in <from the first point in ‘Summary of Qualification’ in your resume’>. My duties have included <skills that you have highlighted in your ‘Summary of Qualifications’ in your resume>.

At my most current assignment with <last employer name>, I am/was working in …. I am being/was able to leverage my <education/experience> along with my skills to help the company effectively . Before this, I have worked at various multinationals including <other company names you have worked at>.

I hold a <highest qualifications> and am <some soft skills you want to highlight, e.g. strategic, analytical, self motivated, etc.>. I am confident that my skills and experience align with your requirements for this position.

I look forward to discussing your needs and my qualifications further and am available at your convenience for an interview. I can be reached at <phone numbers>, or by e-mail at <your e-mail id>. Thank you for your consideration.


<Your Name>



Note: If you don’t include a cover letter when you apply for a job, it is not that you will not be called for an interview. You may be still called as they may like your experiences and skills. But many people that see a job application without a cover letter as a sign that the person is not really interested in joining them. So my advice is to include a cover letter whenever you apply. It will not hurt your chances of getting an interview, but not including it may be a risk.

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