When you move to Canada and need to rent an apartment, the company or person you are renting from may ask you for advance rent. This is a common practice and usually 1 month rent is taken in advance. This is then adjusted when you leave.

But don’t end up paying more than what is necessary. Some landlords may try and take advantage of your lack of knowledge and may ask you to pay more. There have been cases of some newcomers paying even 12 months advance rent. This may be illegal, like in Ontario you are not allowed to do this.

If you are asked to pay a high amount, ask the landlord whether this is legal. You can also research it online and seek advice from government offices. You can even try to approach an immigrant serving agency to ask for their opinion. If the landlord can legally ask for more advance rent, then negotiate – you can negotiate with everyone in Canada to get a better deal. And there will always be other options that have better terms and conditions.