The recent job numbers and employment rates are an encouraging trend for newcomers. The employment numbers has gone up in April’12 across the country, but the province with the most growth has been Alberta. The unemployment rate there is at 4.9%, which literally means that there is a labour shortage there and they need a lot of people to fill up vacant positions. The unemployment rate in the other provinces is higher – with Quebec at 8%, British Columbia at 6.2% and Ontario at 7.8%. So finding jobs there will be a bigger challenge, especially in the big cities where there is intense competition for jobs.

As a newcomer to Canada or someone who will be immigrating to Canada, think about where you want to be. Unemployment among newcomers to Canada is high (2-3 times the national average) because they cannot effectively demonstrate their skills and experience. Not because they are not qualified to do the job, but because they don’t have the necessary soft skills. These soft skills need to be learned, which takes time and effort. The lack of soft skills translates to lack of Canadian experience for an employer. And they are therefore hesitant to hire newcomers. But in places where there is labour shortage, employers will be more accepting of newcomers. So take advantage of this and get a good job in your field. Take the time to research all the cities in Canada that have openings in the area you want to work. And don’t stop yourself from moving to any part of Canada if you are getting the right kind of job. Your quality of life will be much better if you have a job you are happy in and is in your area of expertise, rather than being in at a place where you are in a survival job.

When choosing the place where you should immigrate in Canada, make sure you do your research well. Don’t just think that the best place is the big metros like Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. Other smaller cities may offer you a good job that uses your talents, education and experience.

The best way to choose the ideal place to immigrate to is to find out where the jobs are in your targeted industry. You can do your research on the government website.

Also look at this research done by moneysense magazine. The research ranks the various cities in Canada on various parameters. The top 3 cities are Ottawa, followed by Burlington and then Kingston. The big metros unfortunately rank much lower.