If you are planning your move to Canada, I am sure you are desperately seeking this answer. Well as per a new study by Gallup, Canada is the second happiest country in the world!! (Read the study).

When ‘Yahoo! News‘ featured the news on their website, it was very interesting to read. Not just the article, but also the comments by all the people. The comments ranged from strongly disagreeing with the study to strongly agreeing that Canada is a great place to stay, and these reactions were not just from newcomers. None of them is absolutely right or wrong, because each person’s reaction will be based on his/her individual situation. If they are successful and happy, their reaction will be positive and vice versa.

Irrespective of your personal situation and whether you believe the study or not (by the way it is statistically significant), this study does show that there is some inherent strength and goodness in Canada. It is not to say that Canada is a utopia and there is nothing that is wrong. But overall, the life here is good.

So my message to you is to ‘BELIEVE‘! There will be ups and down when you move to a new country. But if you believe that things will be all right, they will, because you will always remain positive. And when you are positive, you will see opportunities in every situation. Many new immigrants that come to Canada, stop believing in themselves and/or that things will turn out well. They give-up or stop trying and miss out opportunities.

Canada is a great country to stay in and there are many opportunities for newcomers to succeed. Believe in this and look for them. You will succeed and be very happy in your new life here.